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Film Night Fundraiser Alexis Navalny doco
6th Nov, 6pm, Penthouse Cinema, Brooklyn

An exclusive, one-off screening that won’t have a general release!
Shown at the recent NZ International Film Festival, is highly recommended. Alexei Navalny is the committed opponent to the current regime in Russia and has just recently been in the news re Ukraine. The doco’ deals with events related to his poisoning in 2020.
All funds raised will go to support a new Blue Dragon Safe House/ Refuge for women and girls.
Tickets ONLY available in advance $25 each, ticket+raffle $30, contact –

Blue Dragon Book Fair 2022 in the Ngaio Town Hall, Wellington on 28 and 29 May 2022 raised $22,000 – enough to support at least 50 Vietnamese children to go to school for a year, and buy them school uniforms, equipment and school lunches.
The donation also benefits the entire organisation and its work, which includes rescuing street kids from exploitation and sexual abuse, and young people who have been trafficked to work in factories, or in brothels or forced marriages in China.

Recognition for their work by supporters around the world.
Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam has won numerous awards recognising its outstanding achievements and the impact it’s had on improving the lives of disadvantaged children. For even more awards

2022 Iqbal Masih Award for the Elimination of Child Labor – United States Department of Labor


  • Recognition for significant contribution in the fight against human trafficking – The Vietnam’s Border Defense Force
  • Asia-Pacific Leaders, for Blue Dragon’s Senior Social Worker, Giang To –The Obama Foundation
  • Asia Young Leaders award, for Blue Dragon’s Chief Lawyer, Van Ta– Asia Society


  • Development Fellow, for Blue Dragon’s Chief Lawyer, Van Ta– The Asia Foundation
  • Medal for contributing to the Building and Development of Hanoi Capital City – Hanoi People’s Committee

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